Which Hand to Wear Tiger Eye Bracelet Left or Right

Which Hand to Wear Tiger Eye Bracelet: Left or Right?

When wearing crystal bracelets, the hand you choose matters! Adorning these mystical bracelets on the left wrist brings a unique set of healing benefits, while wearing them on the right has its own advantages.

Take the tiger eye crystal bracelet, for instance. People often wear it to harness its protective qualities. Ruled by the Sun and Mars, it is considered highly auspicious for folks born under the Leo constellation. This gemstone is strongly associated with the solar plexus chakra, bringing clarity to your life.

But you might be wondering, to fully enjoy its properties, which hand to wear tiger eye bracelet — your right or left hand? Let us dive into this article and figure it out!

What Wrist is Best to Wear the Tiger Eye Bracelet?

According to mystical beliefs, wearing the tiger eye stone bracelet on the left or right hand can convey different meanings. 

The left hand is traditionally seen as the receiving hand, symbolizing healing, nurturing, and self-love. It represents your feminine side and is associated with the subconscious, dreams, and creativity. In essence, this is the hand through which you absorb external energies.

Conversely, the right hand is often associated with giving; it symbolizes power, control, and action. You can channel internal energies or dispel negative energies from within through your right side.

Although the choice of which hand to sport crystal bracelets on is purely a matter of personal preference, here is a quick guide on wearing the tiger eye bracelet:

Tiger Eye Bracelet on Left Wrist

The left-hand wear symbolizes energy intake; you directly absorb the energy into your space or body. Wearing the tiger eye bracelet on your left hand can attract good luck, success, or better opportunities. It aids in alleviating issues such as stress, anxiety, and regaining mental clarity. 

On the left side, you can draw courage, strength, and power from the stone. As you absorb the energy of the tiger eye into your aura, it aids in enhancing your creativity and addressing various internal blockages.

Tiger Eye Bracelet on Right Wrist

For protection and the creation of a shielding barrier around your body, it is advised to wear tiger eye bracelet on your right hand, symbolizing energy emanation. This bracelet projects energy outward, helping to shield yourself from negative energies.

Adorning this bracelet on the right can enhance your ability to project yourself during speeches and influence the audience with your energy and intentions. It provides you with additional energy to confront challenging times and aids in improving your social life as well.

Since the tiger eye bracelet is crafted from crystals that assist in dispelling fear while also enhancing balance and harmony, the optimal hand for wearing this bracelet would be your right hand.

Nevertheless, you have the flexibility to wear the tiger eye bracelet on either hand and experience its healing properties. 

Tiger Eye Bracelet on Wood

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  • Improving Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Balancing Inner Harmony and Emotions
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The Bottom Line 

Choose your tiger eye bracelet placement wisely! For good vibes, wear it on your left hand; for generosity and positive energy, opt for your right. Wearing it on the right hand promotes protection, harmony, and improved communication, while the left-hand wear brings courage, luck, success, and eases anxiety.

But remember, it is all about what feels right for you. You can always wear the bracelet on your preferred hand. If you are uncertain, consult an astrologer for guidance. 

And if you are ready to rock these crystal bracelets, drop us a message. We have got the perfect bracelet waiting for you!

People Also Ask

  1. Which hand women should wear the tiger eye bracelet?

    Wearing gemstone bracelets on your dominant hand, whether it is your right or left, is advised because your active hand holds more power and energy. Tiger eye bracelets, in particular, can be more beneficial on this hand. In today’s world, where women share equal responsibilities with men, they should also consider wearing them on their active hand.

  2. Which finger is best for the tiger’s eye?

    If you are unsure about which finger is suitable for your tiger eye ring, the traditional choice is the third finger of your left hand. Nonetheless, there are individuals who opt for the middle or index finger instead. The key is to wear it on the finger that makes you feel at ease and self-assured. You can also choose to adorn the stone on your dominant hand (left or right).

  3. Can I wear the tiger eye bracelet daily?

    Yes. You can wear it daily. For hundreds of years, the tiger eye has been at the heart of protective charms, shielding the person wearing it from bad vibes, helping with healing, and keeping away bad luck. It not only aligns the stone’s energy with your body’s energy centers but also adds a stylish touch that you can wear every day.