Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Benefits of Tiger Eye Bracelet
  • Boosting Confidence and Courage: The Tiger Eye Bracelet empowers you by enhancing your courage and self-confidence. It encourages a fearless approach to challenges, helping you overcome obstacles and pursue your goals with unwavering determination. Additionally, it supports breaking free from addictive behaviors and harmful patterns.

  • Improving Mental Clarity and Focus: This gemstone bracelet is your ally in sharpening focus and mental clarity. It helps eliminate distractions and mental fog, enabling you to concentrate better on tasks and make well-informed decisions. With a clear mind, you’ll stay aligned with your objectives.

  • Balancing Inner Harmony and Emotions: The Tiger Eye Bracelet radiates soothing energy that helps balance stress, anxiety, and emotions. It acts as a protective shield against negative energy, allowing you to experience calmness, emotional stability, and inner peace.

  • Enhancing Power and Protection: Wearing the Tiger Eye Bracelet boosts your inner strength, self-esteem, and confidence. This powerful stone enhances your personal power and provides a sense of protection.

  • Attracting Prosperity and Abundance: The Tiger Eye Bracelet stimulates the flow of opportunities, resources, and financial well-being into your life. It helps you manifest your desires and attract prosperity.

Additional Details
  • Colors: Brown, gold, red, black, blue
  • Planet: Earth, Sun
  • Elements: Earth, fire
  • Minerals: Silicates, oxygen, iron
  • Chakra: Solar plexus, root, brow
  • Numbers: Vibrates to 4
  • Origin: Australia, South Africa, India, United States, Mexico

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Tiger Eye Bracelet 999.00 Original price was: ₹999.00.499.00Current price is: ₹499.00.

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Tiger Eye Bracelet Benefits

  1. The tiger eye bracelet fosters vitality, good health, and strength, promoting an overall sense of well-being.
  2. It boosts your self-confidence and reduces your fear and anxiety, allowing you to face challenges with courage.
  3. It enhances your intuition and improves your decision-making. Also, it fosters focus and concentration.
  4. The tiger eye beads bracelet improves your blood and hormone balance, great for boosting energy and rejuvenating.
  5. It shields you against negative energies, providing a protective barrier.
  6. Since the tiger eye is closely related to the sacral chakra (creativity hub of the body), it also enhances your creativity.
  7. By aligning the solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras, it also improves communication and reduces conflicts in your relationships.
  8. The tiger eye bracelet is super helpful for fixing broken bones and keeping your spine aligned.
  9. It is a natural remedy for your eyes, throat, and reproductive organs. It helps flush out toxins, ease pain, and relieve much-needed relief.
  10. The tiger eye encourages and motivates you to step out of your comfort zone. It shifts your perspective to see opportunities in the difficulties.
  11. It also helps you get rid of addictions like alcohol or smoking.
  12. Wearing a tiger eye bracelet draws love and good fortune towards you and brings abundance, wealth, and success to those who have it on.

Cleansing and Caring Tips for Tiger Eye Bracelet

The tiger eye bracelet must be cleaned regularly, as it can easily become impregnated with negative energies and waves.

Purifying your tiger eye bracelet is a way to restore its power. The tiger eye stone bracelet can also be cleansed before being sent as a gift or shipped to a new location.

Cleansing the tiger eye beads bracelet is not difficult, but it requires special care. 

To purify and clean your tiger eye gemstone bracelet, simply place it on a large block of sea salt for about three hours. You can also immerse your bracelet in salt water overnight. 

This is probably the easiest method to clean your bracelet.

You can also clean your tiger’s eye bracelet using smudging techniques.

The method involves releasing the energies of gemstones. To try this, place your stones so that they are bathed in the smoke of the incense.

Avoid exposing the stone bracelet to harsh chemicals, prolonged sunlight, or extreme temperatures.

Do not overlook the importance of tiger eye bracelet care practices to keep it in its natural form.

Additional information

Weight200 g
Dimensions11 × 11 × 5.5 cm

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  1. Madhur Pant

    This tiger eye bracelet is of amazing quality. The elastic band seems strong and reliable, and, most importantly, it doesn’t hurt my wrist. The box it came in can be useful to store things, to be honest. Hehe!

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