Green Aventurine Lucky Charm or Scientific Mystery

Green Aventurine Gemstone: Lucky Charm or Scientific Mystery?

There is a lot of buzz around the mystery of green aventurine. People are curious to know whether this stone is indeed a lucky charm. 

Green aventurine is a visual delight. Believed to bring luck and prosperity; it is rightly known as the “stone of opportunity.” It fills your environment with winning energy, helping you get rid of your old patterns and habits. 

In this article, we explore green aventurine’s meaning and compatibility with other gemstones. 

The Significance of Green Aventurine Gemstone

Historically, in several cultures, people back then used aventurine in carving jewellery and decorative arts. They believed that this gemstone possessed powerful energies, which helped promote their personal growth. 

Because green aventurine was associated with prosperity, it was commonly referred to as the “Stone of Heaven” in Chinese culture. Tibetan communities used this stone to promote calmness and elevate spiritual consciousness during religious rituals and meditation activities. 

Green aventurine was also widely used in healing and spiritual ceremonies in Native American and African societies.

But what is the scientific significance of green aventurine? 

The majority of the stone’s metaphysical qualities come from firsthand recollections. Experts in crystal therapy told that the vibrations of crystal stones harmonies with our bodies’ energy fields, fostering equilibrium and well-being. 

However, there is not much scientific evidence to back up these claims except a few research studies. 

Compatibility of Green Aventurine with Other Gemstones 

Often, people use green aventurine in combination with other stones to manifest their goals. When combined with other crystals like citrine, jade, amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine creates different energies. Some give you psychic powers, while others boost your creativity, success, and prosperity.  

The table below lists the compatible gemstones with green aventurine: 

Sr. NoManifestation Compatible Stones with Aventurine 
1For wisdom and intuition Amethyst 
2For protection Black Obsidian 
3For true love Rose quartz 
4For luck Citrine 
5For physical healing Carnelian 
6For self-confidence Amazonite 
7For Grounding Black Tourmaline 
8For removing bad energies and evil eyesSelenite 
9For attracting money and prosperityJade
10For communication skills Sodalite 

How to Identify Real Green Aventurine Gemstones?

You can use the following six ways to check if green aventurine is real or fake: 

How to Identify Real Green Aventurine
  1. Check its hardness: On the Moh hardness scale, green aventurine has a score of 7, making it a durable stone. Using specialised pencils, you may determine the hardness level; if it registers between 6.5 and 7 on the Moh hardness scale, it is real. 
  1. Check its origin before purchasing: Much of the Green Aventurine available in the market originates from India, if they say it is from the USA, most likely it is a fake one as the USA does not have abundant Green Aventurine sources.
  1. The Scratch Test: Try scratching the gemstone’s surface with a knife; if it is genuine, the green aventurine’s hardness will prevent the knife from cutting through it. 
  1. Check for inclusions: After forming over millions of years, minerals frequently retain inclusions that aid in their identification. These inclusions show up as metallic flakes in Green Aventurine, which can be seen with a magnifying lens or with the unaided eye.
  1. Look for Aventurescence: Consider the sparkle originating from light reflecting off inclusions on the aventurine’s surfaces. Genuine stone sparkles due to mica, while aventurescence, caused by metallic particles, enhances this effect. Smooth aventurine may indicate a counterfeit, especially if it lacks the characteristic sparkle, as dye could be used to conceal inclusions.
  1. Observe the structure of the stone: Aventurine crystals have a hexagonal shape with round cleavage; watch for sellers giving agate, which lacks cleavage. Only Aventurine shows this feature. Some crystals have fibrous structures, as seen in Aventurine, and some agates, not Green Aventurine.


The bottom line is that green aventurine is renowned for its perceived ability to bring luck and prosperity. But just like any other crystal, its mystical properties lack extensive scientific evidence. 

However, despite that its aesthetic appeal and historical significance in various cultures are unparalleled. People use it alone or combined with other gemstones for different purposes. 

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