Gemstones According to Rashi and Nakshatra

Gemstones According to Rashi and Nakshatra: Find Your Lucky Stone!

Did you know wearing gemstones according to Rashi and Nakshatra can infuse positive energy and harmony into your life? These precious stones have captivated humanity for centuries with their mystical attributes, believed to influence various aspects of our lives. 

In the intriguing realm of astrology, the positions of stars and planets at the time of your birth determine your Rashi (Zodiac sign) and Nakshatra (Birth Chart). These cosmic arrangements are thought to shape your personality and influence life events.

Pairing your zodiac sign with a specific precious stone helps mitigate the unfavorable influences from celestial bodies, which is like finding the perfect harmony between you and the universe!

Each zodiac sign and Nakshatra has a gem that resonates with its energy, and tapping into this ancient knowledge can help you navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and confidence.

So, which stone for which Rashi? 

Let us delve into the fascinating world of gemstones corresponding to your Rashi and Nakshatra, offering valuable insights to help you choose the perfect one.

Gemstones, Rashi, and Planets Connection 

The connection between energies, zodiac signs, planets, and gemstones is not new. Many ancient civilizations believed these stones had miraculous powers and energies. And the usage of these stones in astrology emerges from the Vedas. 

According to the Vedic system, zodiac signs, planets, and gems have a special relationship. This system links each planet to a primary stone or sometimes a secondary stone. For instance, there is a Ruby for Sun and Pearl for Moon. 

But before we look at the list of gems based on your Rashi, let us first understand three biggies: The Sun Sign, the Moon Sign, and the Rising Sign – these three signs constitute your birth chart and the core of who you are. 

When people ask for your zodiac sign, they usually refer to your Sun sign, determined by the Sun’s placement at birth. And your Moon sign, or Rashi, is the position of the Moon at that time. For example, if your Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Aquarius, your Sun sign is Libra, and the Moon sign is Aquarius. 

While your birth date is enough to know your Sun sign, the Moon sign requires the exact time of your birth. 

On the other hand, the Rising sign is the sign that was on the horizon at the time of your birth and is determined by the exact birth time and location. 

Gemstones, Rashi, and Planets Connection

Now that you know the difference between the Sun and Moon Signs. Let us check out the list of gemstones according to Rashi:

Rashi (Moon Sign)GemstonesBenefitsSuitable Day of WearingSub-gems
Mesha (Aries) Ruby, Diamond & OnyxReduce the evil effects of Kuja Dosha (Mars).Tuesday Coral 
Vrishabha (Taurus) DiamondsReduce the evil effects of Shukra (Venus). Friday Opel 
Mithun (Gemini) EmeraldReduce the negative effects of Budha (Mercury).
Aids in business, bring peace, and guards health. 
Wednesday Feroz, Onyx
Kark (Cancer)PearlReduces the adverse effects of Chandra Graha (Moon). 
Brings serenity and controls mental tension. 
Simha (Leo) Ruby Reduces the negative effects of Ravi Graha Dosha (Sun). 
Fosters father’s prosperity and ensures the wearer’s well-being.
Kanya (Virgo) Green Sapphire Reduces the effects of Budha and develops financial improvement and guards health. Wednesday Emerald, Nix 
Tula (Libra) Diamond Reduces negative effects of Sukra. It brings good health and wealth. Friday Opel 
Vruschika (Scorpio) CoralIt reduces Kuja Dosha. Tuesday Loc Onyx 
Dhanu (Saggitarius) Yellow Sapphire Reduce the adverse effects of Guru Dosha (Jupiter). Thursday Topaz
Makar (Capricorn) Blue Sapphire It reduces Saturn’s negative effects, attracts health, wealth and longevity. Saturday Blue Spinal 
Kumbha (Aquarius) Cats Eye & Turquoise It counters negative planetary effects, dispels negativity, improves finances, and protects against common ailments.Saturday 
Meena (Pisces) Yellow SapphireReduces Guru Dosha, helps increase business, education and spiritual affairs. Thursday Topaz or Citrine 

If you do not know your Moon Sign, you can find it using this Online Moon Sign Calculator Tool – simply you have to enter your date, time, and place of birth. If the exact time is unknown, an approximate time can still yield the correct Rashi, as the Moon stays in a zodiac sign for about two and a half days. 

The Significance of Nakshatra and Associated Gemstones 

In Indian astrology, the use of gemstones originates from the legend of a demon named Bali. Struck by the king of gods, Indra, Bali was shattered into countless gemstone pieces that fell to Earth. 

According to the myth, each stone is linked to a specific part of Bali’s body, and these stones are believed to strengthen the corresponding heavenly bodies in Vedic astrology, benefiting those who wear them.

Each of the 27 Nakshatras is governed by one of the nine ruling planets in Vedic astrology, and as per this belief, every Nakshatra is associated with a specific gem. People born under any of these Nakshatras are advised to wear gems corresponding to their ruling planet.

Here are the gemstones according to Nakshatra: 

Nakshatra (Birth Chart) Ruling PlanetsGemstoneFingers to wear in 
Ashwini, Magha & MoolaKetu Cat’s Eye Stone Middle Finger
Bharani, Poorva Falguni & Poorvashada Shukra (Venus) Diamond Middle Finger 
Krittika, Uttara Falguni & Uttarashada Ravi (Sun) Ruby Ring Finger
Rohini, Hasta & Shravana Chandra (Moon) Pearl Little Finger 
Mrigashira, Chitra & Dhanishta Mangal (Mars) Red Coral Ring Finger
Ardra, Swati & SharabhishaRahu Hessonite Middle Finger
Punarvasu, Vishaka & PoorvabhadrapadaGuru (Jupiter) Yellow Sapphire Index Finger
Pushyami, Anuradha & UttarabhadrapadaShani (Saturn) Blue Sapphire Middle Finger
Ashlesha, Jyeshtha & Revathi Budha (Mercury)Emerald Little Finger 

When it comes to birthstones and astrology in the West, it’s way more straightforward; you usually stick to your birth dates and signs. 

The main difference between Vedic and Western astrology is that the latter doesn’t include Rahu and Ketu as planets. So, in Western astrology, only seven ruling planets are used for determining birthstones.

Here’s the list of zodiac signs, their ruling planet, and the lucky stones they’re associated with:

  1. Aries & Scorpio: ruled by Mars, should wear red coral.
  2. Taurus & Libra: ruled by Venus, should wear diamonds.
  3. Gemini & Mercury: ruled by Mercury, should wear emeralds.
  4. Sagittarius & Pisces: ruled by Jupiter, should wear yellow sapphire.
  5. Capricorn & Aquarius: ruled by Saturn, should wear blue sapphire.
  6. Cancer: ruled by the Moon, should wear pearls.
  7. Leo: ruled by the Sun, should wear ruby.

Now, let’s take the next step and figure out what are gemstones worth. 

The Astrological Benefits of Precious Stones 

Throughout the ages, gemstones have been utilized to alleviate the adverse effects caused by planetary influences. These precious stones bring lots of valuable advantages in different aspects of life, including work, marriage, health, business, and more. 

Astrological Benefits of Precious Stones 

The other benefits of gemstones in astrology include:

  • These stones can amplify, harmonize, and redirect particular energies associated with natal planets or transits.
  • Wearing stones based on your Rashi can reduce the adverse effects of malefic planets and the negative consequences of the movement of celestial bodies in your birth chart. 
  • The cosmic arrangement at your birth shapes your entire life. However, not all planets may be inherently influential during that moment, necessitating lucky stones to enhance their power.
  • These stones generate vibrations, strengthening your internal aura to repel external negativity.
  • For instance, Ruby can improve your willpower, leadership skills, cardiac health, blood pressure-related issues, etc. It wards off evil, boosts mental strength, enhances marital harmony, improves paternal bonds, and fosters creativity and self-confidence for professional success. Set in copper or gold rings, it can help fulfill your emotional needs and balance mental and hormonal energy. This stone also promotes longevity, prosperity, and focus. 
  • Diamond can bring you calmness, financial stability and help cure ailments like diabetes and skin disease. It can save you from emotional stress and enhance creativity. 
  • Pearls are known for their calming properties, soothing emotional turmoil and inducing a sense of contentment in our bodies. There is a belief that drinking water infused with pearls overnight can help address pitta-related ailments.
  • Emerald safeguards the mind, body, and soul. It enhances your wisdom and cognitive abilities, preventing potential nervous disorders caused by excessive use of intellectual skills. It also improves your oratory skills and financial stability. 
  • Red Coral promotes bravery and excitement. It boosts the wearer’s muscles and revitalizes their depleted energy. It aids in preventing premature aging and fortifies both physical and mental stamina. Moreover, it controls negative emotions like anger, hatred, and jealousy while strengthening internal organs such as the liver, spleen, and pericardium.
  • Blue Sapphire enables you to recognize your authentic desires and guide your actions accordingly. This stone enhances your emotional energy and supports muscular and skeletal systems. It protects against negative energies, keeps you calm, and boosts intuition. 
  • On the other hand, Yellow Sapphire is associated with knowledge, power, and good fortune. It attracts wealth and prosperity. It fulfills your material and spiritual desires, leading to a sense of self-actualization, and stabilizes the functioning of the lungs, heart, and kidneys. You should wear this stone if your Guru is weak.
  • Opal is believed to treat medical disorders and blood-related issues. It also enhances bone marrow, nerves, and the reproductive system internally. It also boosts vision, alleviates fever, and shows promising effects against migraines and headaches. You should wear this stone on the index finger of your dominant hand on Fridays.
  • Cat’s Eye Stone proves beneficial for individuals undergoing psychological therapies by counteracting negative emotions and generating a sense of positive vitality within the body.

What are the Different Methods to Find Lucky Stones? 

Gemstones Based on Sun Sign, Moon Sign & Nakshatra

According to Indian astrology, if you are born with a Capricorn Moon sign (Makar Rashi), you should wear Blue Sapphire. 

Similarly, if you are born under Ashwini Nakshatra, your astrologer would recommend wearing Cat’s Eye, as Ketu is the ruling planet. 

On the other hand, according to Western astrology, if you are born on the 25th of June, your lucky stone is Pearl, as the Moon rules this month. 

Stones Based on Ascendant 

Using an ascendant as a guide for selecting your lucky stone is a highly effective approach. For example, if you have an Aries ascendant (Mesha Lagna), your astrologer can recommend Red Coral, Ruby, and Yellow Sapphire gems.

Stones Based on Mahadasha & Antardasha 

Hindu astrology uses famous time calculation methods where planets rule over individuals for specific periods. For example, the Sun governs for six years, Moon for ten years, Mars for seven years, Rahu for 18 years, and so forth. 

Astrologers recommend gemstones corresponding to the ongoing Mahadasha (planetary period). For instance, during the Saturn Mahadasha, they suggest wearing a Blue Sapphire.

Similarly, when you experience Venus Antardasha, you are advised to wear diamonds. 

Stones Based on Debilitated Planet

Weak planets can lead to unfavorable results. Therefore, it is crucial to strengthen them with lucky stones as remedies. For instance, if Mars is weak in Cancer, you must wear a Red Coral on your ring finger. 

How to Choose a Suitable Gemstone? 

Undoubtedly, embracing the perfect gem can magnify the positive influences of celestial bodies and usher in favorable outcomes in your life. However, it’s crucial to be cautious and follow the guidelines or consult experts before wearing them. 

According to experts, specific gems shall be worn only to protect you against planetary evil effects, enhance a planet’s power, or safeguard you against significant life crises. It’s not something you should decide on your own, as the experts know better which gem will give you the desired results for a specific planet. 

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, according to Rashi and Nakshatra, gemstones offer a fascinating way to connect with astrology and its potential impact on our lives. With slight variations, both Vedic and Western astrology have a common practice of suggesting gemstones based on zodiac signs or Nakshatra. 

In astrology, each Zodiac Sign or Nakshatra is believed to have a unique and profound connection with specific planets and gemstones. These celestial bodies significantly shape the characteristics, tendencies, and destinies of individuals born under these signs.

Wearing the right astrological gemstone according to your Rashi can bring a wave of luck, good health, wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity into your life. These precious stones can heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, making them truly special.

However, before acquiring a gemstone, seek advice from a knowledgeable astrologer to accurately determine your Rashi and Nakshatra. Their expertise will help you choose the perfect stone that aligns with your unique astrological makeup, enhancing your life in incredible ways.

People Also Ask

  1. Which stone is suitable for all Rashi?

    No single stone fits all Rashi (zodiac signs) universally. Instead, different gemstones are suggested for each sign, considering factors such as planetary influences, birth chart analysis, and individual traits.