Discover the Origin and Benefits of Amethyst Bracelets

Natural Origins of Amethyst

Amethyst is found in regions like Siberia, Brazil, and Australia, with hues ranging from light lavender to deep purple.

Ideal Amethyst Grades

The highest quality, 'Deep Siberian,' exhibits 75-80% purple with 15-20% blue and red secondary hues.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Amethyst bracelets help alleviate personal depression, anxiety, and stress, providing a sense of calm and peace.

Promote Healthy Sleep

Wearing amethyst aligns you with the divine, promoting soothing dreams and combating insomnia for restful nights.

Enhance Mental Clarity

Amethyst enhances clarity and peacefulness in the mind, enabling free-flowing thoughts in both metaphysical and mental realms.

Protect Against Negativity

This powerful stone guards against negative energies, electromagnetic stress, and ill wishes from others.

Boost Physical Health

Amethyst combats tumors, purifies blood, balances hormones, and strengthens the immune system.

Care Tips for Amethyst

Avoid prolonged light exposure to prevent fading, and enhance color with appropriate treatment.

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